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The Parts Plus Car Care Center Program Welcome to the premier Service Dealer program in the Automotive Aftermarket, developed with input from Service Dealers just like yourself! This program continues to...

National Standards

With the help of the National Service Dealer Advisory Council and Car Care Centers across the country, we have developed guidelines and criteria that a shop must meet before they can join the “Family”. These guidelines help ensure a consistent reputation and image for all Car Care Centers. The Council believes the image portrayed by individual Car Care Centers reflect on ALL Car Care Centers and must be maintained at a minimal level. Their reasoning for the standards include:

  • The image of the repair industry is not good
    • Grease monkeys
    • Rip-offs (60 Minutes, 20/20, etc.)
  • A more professional image translates into being able to justify higher costs
    • If you look like crap, you will probably be paid like crap.
    • If you look professional and provide professional services, you can charge more for your services.
  • Technician/employee recognition
    • If you are in a restaurant and a GM tech walks in, you know he is a GM tech and where he works.
    • Employees have a better morale when dressed like a professional.

Image Evaluation Form


  • Landscaping maintaining
  • Adequate parking spaces
  • Clean and well maintained building
    • Exterior
    • Interior
  • No competitive signage/posters/materials
    • Exterior
    • Interior


  • Parts Plus Car Care Center sign
    • Exterior
      • Illuminated
      • Non-illuminated
      • Painted
    • Interior
      • CCC plaque displayed
      • Worry Free Guarantee displayed
      • Employee CCC identified uniform program
      • Current promotion poster

Customer Waiting Area

  • Clean and well maintained restrooms
  • Adequate seating in good condition
  • NO inappropriate calendars, pictures, etc.

Profession Image

  • Use of vehicle inspection system
  • ASE certified techs or equivalent
  • Use of disposable floor mats, steering wheel and seat protectors
  • Car Care Center identified workorders/invoices
  • Car Care Center identified business cards
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