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The Parts Plus Car Care Center Program Welcome to the premier Service Dealer program in the Automotive Aftermarket, developed with input from Service Dealers just like yourself! This program continues to...

Membership Program Elements

CAR CARE CENTER MEMBERSHIP: Included in your Car Care Center enrollment are elements to help you begin receiving the benefits of being a Parts Plus Car Care Center immediately. We realize there may be some elements included that you are already using or may not have need for at this time. We also realize that some of the elements will be completely new to you and you may not be sure how they will assist you or think they won’t be beneficial. Be assured, that each element in the program has been tried and tested by service dealers like yourself across the country and that each one has definite benefit. Some elements may take a little longer to use consistently, but with your effort and our support, and training from your Parts Plus representative, you will be able to experience the same benefits as other Car Care Centers. In addition to the items included in the kit, there are other optional elements available that can be purchased.

The Car Care Center program has been designed to assist service dealers like yourself with National Identification, Communications, Business Building Support, Training, Product Promotions and Business Marketing Support. Listed below and on the next few pages are the individual program elements along with a description of each item and how they should be used to receive the maximum benefit.

PROGRAM ELEMENTS: The elements we have included in the Car Care Center program will enable you to start benefiting from the national recognition of the Parts Plus name and projecting a more professional image.

  • 1-800 Locator Service: As a Parts Plus Car Care Center, your shop will be listed on the Parts Plus National toll-free locator service for any consumer looking for a local repair facility. This service rotates among all shops listed in a geographical area. This number is the same number used for the Worry Free Guarantee.
  • ASE Test Reimbursement: As a Parts Plus Car Care Center you are eligible to receive $25 for each ASE Certification or re-certification earned by each tech in your shop during the current year. That’s right… that’s up to $225 per technician per year if they receive certification in all 9 ASE areas.
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  • Communication Posters Click For More Information
  • Consumer Promotions Click For More Information

  • Customer Pledge Plaque Click For More Information
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Cards Click For More Information
  • Customer Service Record Envelopes: We include (50) envelopes in the enrollment kit. These envelopes are a great tool for helping your customers keep up with their repair receipts, maintenance records and keeping your name in front of the customer. On the front of each envelope there is a space for you to stamp your shop’s name, address, etc. along with the 800 locator number. On the back is your customer’s vehicle information with contact numbers. On the inside there is an area for recording the vehicle maintenance performed. One envelope should be given to each new customer, with the suggestion that they keep it in the glove compartment for easy access and update. (50) additional envelopes can be ordered on the No Charge Order Form. 
  • Disposable Floor Mats: These 17" x 22" white disposable paper floor mats with the Car Care Center logo and message in red. The use of floor mats promotes professionalism and respect for the customer’s vehicle. In order to get the full benefit of using floor mats, the customer should see you remove the floor mat to show them you are making the extra effort to protect their investment. Additional floor mats can be ordered from your Parts Plus supplier. Click to View
  • Internet Locator Service: The Parts Plus Web site offers consumers access to a wide selection of information about Parts Plus and Car Care Centers. Information available includes: money-savings specials, extended payment terms through the Parts Plus credit card, warranty information and access to Car Care Centers through our locator service. If your shop has its own Web site and you would like to have a link from the Parts Plus site, send your web address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The only requirement is the shop’s website must contain the Car Care Center logo since consumers will be linking from the Parts Plus site.
  • National Advertising: Parts Plus promotes the Parts Plus and Parts Plus Car Care Center national image through some of the largest radio listener audiences in the country. As the exclusive automotive sponsor of the NCCA March Madness games and NFL night football games, Parts Plus and Parts Plus Car Care Centers receive over 1.7 billion impressions a year through 30 second commercials, play/drive of the game announcements, and opening and closing billboards.
  • Network Magazines: This quarterly production includes information regarding Parts Plus, Car Care Centers, vendors, testimonial, human interest stories, industry information and business success stories within the Network.
  • Newsletters: This quarterly production is specifically for Car Care Centers and contains technical information, business success stories, testimonials and promotion results.
  • No Charge Order Form Click For More Information
  • North American Warranty Click For More Information
  • Oil Change Stickers:  100 static cling oil change decals are included in your enrollment kit. Additional stickers can be ordered from your Parts Plus supplier or the MAP Warehouse. 
  • Plastic Poster Frame: Included in the enrollment kit is (1) one 24" x 36" plastic poster frame. This frame can be mounted on the wall or in a window and used to display one of the communication posters included in the kit. An additional frame can be ordered on the No Charge Form discussed further down.
  • Professional Identification: Click For More Information
  • Work Schedule Pad: Included in the enrollment kit is a work schedule pad containing 30 one-week daily calendars for scheduling appointments. Additional pads can be purchased from your Parts Plus supplier.


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THE BENEFITS OF ASE-CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS Today's vehicles are more advanced than ever before. The technology that goes into each vehicle is constantly changing, which means the methods and tools needed to...

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